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We ship via Canada Post. Additional costs include Postage (varies with each tea order).
Delivery charges for Bulk Tea not included in price stated on tea menu. Tea usually is delivered in 2 days by Canada Post.

For information on our teas just email us, and we will respond within 24 hours. Our email is glenrest@telus.net
Tea is purchased by phoning any of our managers during our hours of business.
Tea purchase is made by phoning 403-346-5448.

A credit card # will be necessary to purchase tea by phone.
Orders may be placed by email glenrest@telus.net and one of our managers will phone you
if you leave a phone number on the email.

At Glenn's Restaurant, we have an exquisite selection of teas available for purchase here at our Tea Counter.

Please see the PDF documents below to view the different teas we carry.

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Did You Know?
Loose tea leaves are dried. When they are added to boiling water they rehydrate and swell, or unfurl. When this happens the surface area that is exposed to the water increases, adding to the amount of flavor that can be extracted from the tea leaves.

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Did You Know?
Shortbread cookies or muffins that include Jasmine, Earl Grey or Camomile tea have a delightful taste reminiscent of the tea used. What a wonderful way to make an impact and complement your tea service.

English Favorites: Click Here

Estate: Click Here

Did You Know?
It was the French who initiated the custom so heartily embraced by the British of mixing milk with tea, despite the fact the British are by far the world's most celebrated tea drinkers.

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Did You Know?
Early in the 18th century, Russians began drinking tea from glasses instead of cups. Because of the difficulty of holding a glass of hot tea, cuplike metal tea glass holders were developed.

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Oolong: Click Here

Did You Know?
The term 'Orange Pekoe' refers to the size of leaf and not to the flavour of the tea. The size of the black leaf affects the speed of infusion with large leaf types steeping more slowly.

Rooibos: Click Here

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Did You Know?
We insist on European or North American certification for all of our organic teas. We feel that this is the best way to ensure genuine organic tea.

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